Connecting with your surroundings

To brand and design the interface for both a communal dashboard and iOS application. In Deloitte Digital, we invested in trialling our own building, Buckley, as a connected building.

Reflecting the individual environment

As we were basing our trial within Buckley, we wanted to encourage everyone to participate. I created a fun interface that reflects our daily surroundings – from the kitchen tiles to the graffti on our walls. I carried this design from the dashboard, through to the app, working with developers to optimise the user experience.

Find someone, now

The dashboard is situated in our reception area. With the use of iBeacons, it can identify anyone standing near it and produce a personalised dashboard which allows them to search for anyone, finding out whether they are in the building, and where they can be found. Employees can book rooms, and view real time data about Buckley.

Your personal app

The app provides a hyper-personalised version of the dashboard. From here, employees can view a map of our floor, and find a ‘quiet space’, based on noise levels detected in different zones.