A new digital fashion magazine aimed at 20 something females, First Magazine integrates social media, video and online shopping into one seamless experience.

The contents page becomes the ‘hub’ of the magazine, as it can be accessed from any page or article, meaning the magazine can be read in a non-linear way. To provoke uninterrupted reading of the magazine, users can save products straight from the page onto their own personal wish list, which can be accessed later and allows the reader the potential to buy the item online.

By using existing technology in a new way, one of the main features of the magazine is the webcam integration. In the Beauty Edit, users can use the front-facing camera on their device to take a photo of themselves and can then choose colours or products to swipe across their face. Using colour recognition technology, the app would then be able to tell the user if the colour was right for their skin tone.


First provides an enhanced user experience, showing fashion and beauty in a new way digitally. Merging social media and traditional magazines through a digitally accessible format.

Users can take photos of themselves and swatch foundations, lipsticks and more to their skin colour, and then buy the product in two simple clicks.

Content comes alive as users swipe through pages, videos play automatically to engage the user – show them exactly how the clothing moves and provide exclusive interview content.